Tinoosh Vision

UX/UI Design, Graphic Design

Our task was to help Tinoosh Vision go through a comprehensive rebranding. The main idea we followed is making Tinoosh Vision looks playful yet professional.


Digital & Web
Branding & Design
Brand Strategy & Voice




6 weeks



Orange County’s Most Experienced Ophthalmologist

TinoohsVision.com, the trusted ophthalmologist in Orange County, embarked on a digital transformation with Knighthood Digital Marketing Studio. Leveraging our expertise, we undertook a comprehensive redesign of their website, ensuring a user-friendly interface and informative content that resonates with their audience. The new website reflects TinoohsVision.com’s commitment to providing top-notch eye care services. Moreover, our strategic approach extended beyond web design to encompass organic and local SEO, PPC Google Ads, and social media marketing.

Knighthood Digital Marketing Studio’s multifaceted efforts have significantly elevated TinoohsVision.com’s online presence. Through targeted organic and local SEO strategies, we have enhanced their visibility in search engine results, making it easier for potential patients to discover their services. Our precision-targeted PPC Google Ads campaigns have further amplified their reach, driving relevant traffic to their website. In addition, our strategic social media marketing initiatives have engaged and educated the local community about TinoohsVision.com’s expertise. The collective impact of these digital marketing efforts has not only increased website traffic but has also played a pivotal role in attracting new patients to Orange County’s experienced ophthalmologist.


Tinoosh Vision’s branding and web development triumph was nothing short of a digital magnum opus. Tinoosh Vision’s new brand identity radiated the company’s innovative spirit, while the website guided users through a seamless journey of discovery. Their mesmerizing brand identity and website catapulted their online presence to stratospheric heights. With skyrocketing web traffic, lead generation, and conversions, Patronum’s online presence is truly out of this world, boldly going where no SaaS company had gone before.