Magento E-commerce Development

Knighthood Design Studio is the premier provider of Magento ecommerce development. We strive to create custom solutions that are unique to your business and built for growth. Our talented team of developers have years of hardened experience in crafting world-class ecommerce sites. 

We harness the power of Magento to deliver an unparalleled experience that is fully optimized to boost conversions. Regardless of your industry, we’ll create a versatile ecommerce site that serves the needs of your business and customers. We excel at creating intuitive, user friendly designs that are suitable for both desktop and mobile viewing. 

Our top priority is to meet all of your business’ needs and requirements in the ever changing online landscape. We cater to both business models B2B/B2C for the best online experience for your target audience. 

We offer fully customizable designs and UI templates that are uniquely tailored to suit your business needs. We help you expand your business’ brand identity and voice in order to more effectively reach your target audience. 

Our talented team is composed of seasoned experts who can deliver the ecommerce site of your dreams in half the time. Our speedy turnaround time on projects means less downtime for your business and more closing opportunities with new leads. 

No need to start an ecommerce site from scratch either. We save you time and money with our easy content migration package. Our talented team will seamlessly migrate all of your data from your current source to the Magento platform while maintaining and improving upon performance and stability. We launch a series of tests analyzing many important metrics before publishing your site to make sure it’s ready to go live with the best results possible. 

Our maintenance and support packages help keep your site up and running with the latest updates, extensions, and security scans. Our top priority is to keep your site’s credibility bulletproof and optimized for best performance and stability. 

Knighthood Design Studio is proud to serve Orange County in the great state of California with unmatched Magento 2.0 development. We value each and every client and work hard to provide top quality Ecommerce solutions for your business. 

Take your business to the next level with our risk-free satisfaction guarantee on all of our Magento development packages. The only thing to fear is missing out on the influx of newcomers to your business website. 

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