Logo Design

If you are starting a new business and need a new logo or you are an existing business trying to enhance your logo you have come to the right place. At knighthood studio we care for your business and we want you to succeed. Our team is located in the heart of orange county Irvine, California with years of experience to serve you. 

We start by gathering information about your business and find out what sort of design you are interested in. Modern, vintage or even combination of both because logo design is very much versatile. It depends what type of business you have and who is your client. We bear in mind that typography is an important aspect of designing your logo since letters also have a way of communication. 

The process is simple: We ask that you provide information about the entity once we understand fully what you do whether it’s products, or service that you offer we then get to work to create the first draft of your logo design. We pay attention to the size of your logo to be within the guidelines and match to your website or other marketing materials. 

An eye-catching logo is a must in today’s hyper competitive business climate. It’s typically the first glimpse of your business that consumers come across and you want it to be a good, lasting impression. We understand the underlying mechanics behind good logo design in the modern digital age. 

Your logo needs to be a unique brand identifier that stands out among the competition. The talented team of designers at Knighthood Design Studio are well-versed in what it takes to make the perfect business logo. Great aesthetics principles and creativity are our bread and butter throughout the entire creative process. 

Invest in the future of your business with a robust logo makeover. We work together to devise a new logo that is perfectly suited for your business. We analyze the best performing trends and metrics in the industry that are guaranteed to deliver the highest returns on your marketing budget. Our risk free customer satisfaction guarantee means you’ll have nothing to lose but a whole lot of sales to gain from a new logo design by Knighthood Design Studio. 

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