Label Design

Any great product needs an equally great label to accompany it.

Nobody understands this better than the talented team at Knighthood Design Studio.

Our expertise in crafting alluring product labels has allowed us to boil down the whole process to a simple science that equates to groundbreaking sales for your business.

Our proprietary method for superior label design creation
includes a multi-prong approach: 

  • Overall label readability –  Whether your label includes a logo, product name, or motto, we’ll incorporate all of the elements smoothly into an easily legible package ready to entice passerbys. 
  • Optimized typographic design – We blend all of the font elements of your label together (style, size, and color) with your current branding for a cohesive package that fits right in with your current offerings. 
  • Styling guide – Just as important as the forefront of the label, the background contents need to provide enough visual contrast and ‘white space’ in order for the text to pop out effortlessly to consumers’ eyes. 
  • Graphic design – In case you want to spice up your logo and other associated illustrations related to your business, we’re more than capable of revamping your branding design elements. 
  • Creative branding – We analyze your industry and craft a unique branding aesthetic that makes your product stand out. We ensure that your product leaves a meaningful impression on shoppers. 
  • Label sizing – We’ll assess the ideal size and placement of your product’s label for optimal displaying including front and back or wrap-around labels. This measure will help establish your brand identity amongst competitors. 
  • Print quality – All of our prints are of the highest quality for crystal clear readability. Whether you want a slick, glossy look or refined matte finish, We’ll ensure that your label amplifies the visual presence of your product on the shelf.  

Here at Knighthood Design Studio, we take the time to learn about the intricacies of your business and formulate the perfect label design to stand out amongst competitors. We understand what makes a great product label that makes consumers take a second look. 

As the premier creator of quality product labels in the Orange County area, our main priority is providing every one of our clients with a smooth experience that will help take your business to the next level. 

Invest in a makeover for your business that will have your product flying off the physical or virtual shelves. 

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