Mission Lutheran Church Of Laguna Niugel

UX/UI Design, Graphic Design

Our task was to help Mission Lutheran Church go through a comprehensive rebranding. The main idea we followed is making Mission Lutheran Church looks playful yet professional.


Digital & Web
Branding & Design
Brand Strategy & Voice




6 weeks



A Custom Approach To Full-service Mission Lutheran Church

Mission Lutheran Church, a well-known institution in Laguna Niguel, entrusted its digital presence to our design and marketing team. We embarked on a comprehensive revamp of their website, aiming to provide visitors with a fresh and engaging experience. The redesigned site reflects Mission Lutheran Church’s values and community spirit while incorporating modern design elements to enhance user interaction. Our dedication to creating an inviting online space aligns with the church’s mission to connect with and serve its community effectively.

In addition to the website revamp, our collaboration with Mission Lutheran Church extended to optimizing their online visibility through strategic business directory listings. Recognizing the importance of local search presence, we meticulously curated and updated their information on prominent business directories. This not only ensured accurate and consistent information across platforms but also enhanced their visibility in local searches, making it easier for individuals in Laguna Niguel to discover the church’s services and events.

Our approach involved leveraging targeted keywords and location-specific optimization techniques to maximize Mission Lutheran Church’s presence in relevant business directories. By actively managing and monitoring these listings, we ensured that potential visitors could easily find accurate and up-to-date information about the church. The result was a notable increase in online visibility, leading to enhanced traffic and a more prominent online footprint for Mission Lutheran Church within the local community. This comprehensive strategy aimed not only to provide a visually appealing website but also to strategically position the church in the digital landscape for greater community engagement.


Mission Lutheran Church’s branding and web development triumph was nothing short of a digital magnum opus. Mission Lutheran Church’s new brand identity radiated the company’s innovative spirit, while the website guided users through a seamless journey of discovery. Their mesmerizing brand identity and website catapulted their online presence to stratospheric heights. With skyrocketing web traffic, lead generation, and conversions, Patronum’s online presence is truly out of this world, boldly going where no SaaS company had gone before.