UX/UI Design, Graphic Design

Our task was to help Glassonic go through a comprehensive rebranding. The main idea we followed is making Glassonic looks playful yet professional.


Digital & Web
Branding & Design
Brand Strategy & Voice




6 weeks



Glassonic the innovative company that truly makes a difference has benefited significantly from the expertise of Knighthood Digital Marketing Studio, propelling the technology and innovative company to thrive in the digital realm. Our strategic approach to generating organic traffic and acquiring clients has played a pivotal role in’s success. The results of our collaborative efforts, including rebranding and enhancing the overall appeal of the website and business, have led to substantial revenue growth. We are excited to share the positive outcomes of our partnership, highlighting the concrete impact of our tailored digital marketing approach on the growth and prosperity of in the technology sector.

Knighthood Digital Marketing Studio is proud to have contributed to the success of Our efforts in enhancing their digital marketing have yielded positive results, showcasing improvement in’s online presence as a technology and innovative company. The revamped brand identity now mirrors their innovative spirit, and the website guides users through a seamless journey of discovery. This transformation has catapulted to new heights, with increased web traffic, lead generation, and conversions. We are pleased to have been part of’s digital journey, creating an exceptional online presence in the technology and innovation sector.


Glassonic’s branding and web development triumph was nothing short of a digital magnum opus. Glassonic’s new brand identity radiated the company’s innovative spirit, while the website guided users through a seamless journey of discovery. Their mesmerizing brand identity and website catapulted their online presence to stratospheric heights. With skyrocketing web traffic, lead generation, and conversions, Patronum’s online presence is truly out of this world, boldly going where no SaaS company had gone before.