Product 3D Modeling

Knighthood Design Studio is the leading pioneer in 3D modeling and animation in Orange County. Our team of experienced animators will bring your business’ story and vision to life with uncanny lifelike digital renderings unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Our 3D modeling and animation packages are specifically tailored to meet your business needs in the digital online age. Our comprehensive services include: 

  • Logo animation
  • 3D Product modeling  
  • Other assorted branding materials 
  • Render almost any object and make a computer-generated image (3D)

Here at Knighthood Design Studio, each and every client is given the special treatment without the fear of breaking the bank either. Our team of savvy designers and animators possess years of battle-proven experience that equates to unbeatable quality 3D animations, quicker turnaround, and less downtime for you and your business. 

We know you’re a busy professional looking to get ahead of the competition. We respect your commitment to success. That’s why we prioritize a proactive approach to 3D modeling and animation that will save you time and money throughout the entire creative process: 

  • Concept creation – We work together to establish the core idea behind your business and build a strong foundation for the project going forward. We also take the time to assess relevant trends with your industry. 
  • Storyboard – We piece together a ‘play-by-play’ of how the digital animation will unfold. Each miniscule detail will be logged and recorded for implementation further along in the development.   
  • Modeling – Here is where we begin to give life to the project by scaling and creating the digital objects and shapes that will blossom into the visual representation of your business. 
  • Rendering, lighting & texturing – The last step involves adding in all of the oh-so-important finishing touches that truly bring the animation to life. The devil is in the details as they say, and we’d like to agree with that sentiment.  

Knighthood Design Studio has been proudly serving southern California, Orange County with the finest 3D modeling packages on the market. Our packages come in all different sizes and prices in order to accommodate your ever changing needs in the business world. You can trust our services which are backed by our top rated customer satisfaction guarantee. 

Invest in the future of marketing for your business. Animate your business, brand, or products like never before with the help of the unmatched aesthetic prowess wielded by our esteemed designers and animators at Knighthood Design Studio. 

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