Business Rebranding

Invigorate your brand and boost sales with the help of Knighthood Design Studio. Our expert team of in house marketers possess the know-how to turn your business into a familiar face that will keep customers coming back. 

We save you time and money by letting you focus on growing your business while we elevate your brand’s reach and presence in person and online. 

We believe that a brand is a dynamic creation that needs to evolve overtime to meet the needs of the ever changing business landscape. Our team strives to create a unique brand experience for your business that will leave an impactful impression on visitors. 

Our business rebranding packages are tailored specifically for your business including: 

  • Logos – company logo, secondary logos and assorted icons to help communicate your message and raise brand awareness. 
  • Color palette – An array of complimentary colors that equates to a stronger brand image in the eyes of your customers. 
  • Typography – We mind the details of your font styles, sizes, and overall spacing for an improved hierarchy and flow. 
  • Imagery & illustrations – We curate related photos, graphic illustrations, and artwork that are hand-picked with your business’ image in mind. 
  • Voice & tone – As the premier wordsmith, we know how to evoke the right emotions and sentiments in your customers with our copy which translates to greater conversions

We take the time to learn about the intricacies of your business’ needs and develop a hard-hitting business rebranding strategy accordingly. We continuously monitor and analyze the top performing trends in the market to guarantee you stay ahead of the competition. 

The talented team of seasoned marketing pros at Knighthood Design Studio know how to take your business to the next level. A strong sense of branding identity can help your business stand out and generate brand loyalty among your customers. 

Knighthood Design Studio is proud to serve Orange County from Tusin and Irvine, to Laguna Niguel in Southern California with years of excellence as the premier business rebranding provider that is guaranteed to deliver. Our attention to detail with each and every client ensures we knock it out of the park every time. 

Invest in the future growth and potential greatness of your business with our risk-free customers satisfaction guarantee behind all of our services. Our top priority is delivering unmatched results that will have your business standing out among the competition in no time. 

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